This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Want some?

Small delay in having the production mould made ready, so it will be a "little while" before mass-production can begin :-)

However, the good news is that I'm with a few more master casts than I actually need, so I'm offering people an unique chance of getting not only the multi parted core warriors now, but also master casts of Johann, the Ewal Dvergr Champion and the Ewal Dvergar Grenadiers (which I have no current plans of "mass-produce").

The warriors will come at a reduced price cause I can't provide them with shields. These were very limited in the master run, so can't offer those off. However, the final miniature set will come with 8 round shields. But honestly, think most people will replace them anyway. For all packs no bases are included.

So as long stock last (vey limited stock), you can pick up:

Ewal Dvergar with hand weapons (set of 8 warriors - 2 of each body variant, 8 different weapon hands and a random selection of 10 heads) - £18 (SOLD OUT)
Johann, Ewal Dvergr Champion (1 miniature, with separate hand weapon/shield and beard piece) £4
Grenadiers (set of 3 - one of each pose) £6

+ p&p (at charge)

If interesteded you can send me an email at: ewaldvergar at hotmail dot com


  1. Oh yes I want some, they are so nice ! (e-mail sent)

  2. Thank, Bruno. They are nice. The "shieldless" core warriors are running out fast, but there are still a few sets available.

  3. Hey Clam, just got mine in the post, love them! Thanks a million!

  4. Will we see a kickstarter or something similar later

  5. No, this "just" a hobby venture, and things will happen as I have time and money for them. I'll leave Kickstarter to the professionals :-)