This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Boar Knights prototypes

Early March, I received the dolls for the planned Boar Knights John Pickford has been doing for me - and off they went for mastering, straight away.

I really hate sending these original greens out for mastering.

Firstly, they are in the postal limbo. I sent them by registered parcel post, of course - but track and trace doesn't really tell you their exact location do they? - nor the state they are in. What's wrong with GPS tracing and video surveillance? - lol. But they arrived safely at the caster after 10 days or so, of course (like always).

Secondly, all the waiting for moulding and casting. Knowing they are just laying on some shelve, waiting - it's killing me :-)

The few days I had them in my possession, they where guarded night and day. Doesn't think other professionals treasure them just as much as I do :-) ... unfortunately.

But this time it has been one long hard wait. I'm using a UK based casting service. The usual lead time for master moulding is about 3 weeks, but once again my job is conflicting with The South London Warlords Salute Show. Cause yet again, Europe's biggest gaming show has put pressure on most casting companies and they have build up a rather large backlog of orders. So I had to sit, over here, wait .... patiently.

But on Friday the 13th of May (now who said it was an unlucky day?) I took delivery of a nice box of masters. So I took out a few and build them for you to see what we have been working on.

Here they are - the Boar Knight Prototypes

The masters are to be returned to John for finishing them. John has been booked and his schedule ain't looking "crazy", I'm told. His work will involve making converting the boars into another 2 poses, body conversions for building 4 different knight bodies, 4 more heads, 7 weapon hands, new shields and maybe some other bits and pieces.

Fingers crossed, it till be a swift job. Could be done by summertime. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bird Shaman painted by Iain Aitken

Top chum, Iain Aitken, has tried out the Ewal Dvergr Bird Shaman and the end result is extraordinary - luckily, he has allowed me sharing his fantastic brush work in here, too - for all to see.

EDX-01 Ewal Bird Shaman painted by Iain Aitkin

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Painted Puck's Dance and variant Puck

The Puck's Dance diorama piece has now been painted. Also painted is the variant Puck.

Puck comes with an additional head. The variant is a simple head cut as Puck is a single-piece cast and the existing head needs to come off. Then a the alternative one was pinned back on.

You can find Puck in the Old Bag section - here.

Painted by Clam

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Painted Son's of Siegward

I've just finished painting my Son's of Siegward. Here they are:

You can see much more of the painted miniatures here at the Clamshells and Sea Horses painting blog.

If interested in getting the miniatures yourself - look here

Friday, 26 June 2015

They are finally here

Finally, casts from the new moulds has arrive - and the following have been added to the How to get some-section:

Newly added to the Ewal Dvergar Infantry-section:
- all done by John Pickford
EDC-04 Core warriors with Guns
EDC-11 Drummer #2
EDB-01 Helmets #1 (Sallet-styled helmets suitable for warriors with Crossbows and with Guns)
And the 3 pieces by Sjoerd Trouwee has been added to the new section: "Son's of Siegward"

SOS-01 Grinner Dragarm

SOS-02 Sanqis Bigleap

SOS-03 Branding Hyld

And finally, my own little attempt at sculpting has been added to the Ewal Dvergar Character's section:

EDX-01 Bird Shaman

Details about ordering, postage etc. can be found here.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

One step closer - wave 3

Yesterday, master casts finally arrived from the UK. They all look real great, but rather than just tell about let me show you:

First, all the new pieces done by John Pickford and we'll start with the new set of Ewal Dvergar, Core Warriors with guns.

This set will replace the current Grenadiers, and the new set will be a set of 8 miniatures - 2 of each of the following poses:

EDC-04 Core Warriors with guns
Gunner 1 (single piece sculpt)
To make up for the fixed head - they will come with the choice of 3 different visors

The next 3 have separate sallets/helmets (just like the crossbowmen) - but for the purpose of photographing, each one is represented with a helmet.

Gunner 2

Gunner 3

Gunner 4

And here are the 8 sallets that will be added to the new set:

The 8 different heads for the Ewal Dvergar with guns 

Add-on Helmets
Some will remember that 12 heads were made. The following 4 heads will go into a separate add-on head set - and will make great characters for both gunners and crossbowmen.

Helmet add-on set

Next on is the alternative drummer. Will also be moulded with the choice of 2 different visors.

EDC-11 Drummer #2

2 different visors (Visors can also be used with the Gunner 1)

The Son's of Siegward

The last 3 are the awesome Son's of Siegward - all sculped by Sjoerd Trouwee.

SOS-01 Grinner Dragarm

SOS-02 Sanqis Bigleap

SOS-03 Branding Hyld

On surf board
Bran on foot

Now, they just need a bit of cleaning and I have to look at the mould layouts and then they are going back for the next step - production moulding.

So another 4-6 weeks, and they will finally be ready. Till then, I should really start looking into having some of the last few masters painted....?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ewal Dvergar with guns and an alternative drummer

This week, the next batch of miniatures were sent out for master moulding in the UK.

This batch includes the previously shown Son's of Siegward by Sjoerd Trouwee and then the new warriors with guns but also an alternative musician by John Pickford.

First, is the new drummer. This piece is a re-mastered version of the first one, but the overall appearance is much changed and only the basic armour is still the same.
I Think, John did a magnificent job on the conversion and I'm really looking forward getting a metal version of this on here.

The next 4 miniatures are replacements for the current Grenadiers. The Grenadiers have served their time and will be replaced by proper Pickford ones.

The set is a rework of the three existing Crossbowmen - but also a completely new fourth sculpt. The gunners will re-use the swappable Sallet/helmet system found on the Crossbowmen. Here's the 3 new headless gunner-poses:

Headless gunners #1-3

As said, the will re-use the swappable helmet system, but for adding more variety no more that 12 new helmets have been made.

Helmet/Sallet #1-6

Helmet/Sallet #7-12

And with the 6 already made for the Crossbowmen I now have 18 helmets to choose from.

Non of the existing Crossbowmen were really suited for an aiming pose, so we decided a dedicated sculpt was needed. Due to his pose its a single piece sculpt.

New gunner in an aiming pose

To make of for the lack of swappable helmet he'll come with a few visors.

Visor options

Actually, these visors will also work rather well on the new drummer, I think.