This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Monday 12 November 2012

Johann, by Mikkel Nyboe (part 2)

Have already shared Mikkel Nyboe's Johann pictures with you all, but now that I had the camera out, I made these here. So here is an almost 360 degree tour around Johann, by Mikkel Nyboe:

Johann, Ewal Dvergr Champion

I just can't stop looking at this master piece.... can you? :D

Friday 9 November 2012

Johann, Ewal Dvergr Champion by Blue in VT

After a long wait I finally got something to show. I'm still waiting for John to find time doing next batch, but hopefully he will find time in a not so distant future :)

But while waiting I want to share Blue in VT's fantastic job on Johann, Ewal Dvergr Champion.

Blue painted Johann as part of his finally submission for the Brush Slave League Blue have shared lots of his thought and decisions on his own blog: Blue's Maraudering Miniatures - so when you've finished drooling over these beautiful pictures you should go and have a look - quite a good (an fun) read.

Johann, Ewal Dvergr Champion - by Blue in VT

Beautiful, beautiful paintings (as always) by Mr. Blue in VT. He did a spectacular job on Johann.

And some might call this bad timing as I running out of Johann's - as I've just sold the last one I had up for sale for sale.

Johann hasn't been production moulded, as I'll not do an entire mould with just him alone, but plan throwing in a few more character-type miniatures with him. But as I haven't come around to do that yet (as the other character types hasn't been sculpted yet) I'm afraid it will be some time before he'll be back. But he will get back, trust me :)