This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Sunday 22 April 2018

Boar Knights by Blue in VT

Can't believe it! I was so sure I've published these. I had a request regarding my boar's and I wanted to point out how well the mix with old Marauder Miniatures Orc Boars, but I couldn't find the darn post. I was rather certain that I've made it it, but apparently not ... shame on me, and sorry Blue :(

Cause last year, good friend Blue in VT (Chris Sabick) of Blue's Maraudering Miniatures has actually painted five of the Ewal Boar Knights and he did a stellar job. Blue even mixed my knights and boars with different Ewal Dvergar sets but also other manufacturers like Marauder Miniatures and Old School Miniatures with good results ...

I better make up for that - because they are totally awesome - so here they are. Blue's wonderful Boar Cavalry

Marauder Miniature boar and a OS Miniatures cannon crew head

Out of the box Ewal Boar Knight

Again out of the box Ewal Knight

Ewal Knight on Marauder boar

Ewal warrior head on a Ewal knight body and boar

Stunning work, Blue. Thank you for permission using these here. So, sorry for the delay :-(