This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Ewal Dvergar on

Just want to let everybody know that the Ewal Dvergar is now featured on :-) is one of the best miniature resources on the net (for Dwarf fans, at least) and I've been a regular user of this great resource for many years - so quite the obvious donating a full set of my miniatures for this great (miniature) cause. Not only, does feature every Dwarf Miniature worth knowing about but also holds lots and lots of information about miniature ranges, manufactures, retail companies, sculptors etc. - but you'll can also find other interesting guides - like the Scale Comparison Guide.

You'll find all Kev's great pictures of the Ewal Dvergar in the new Ewal Dvergar - manufacturers section.

In there you'll also see the Limited Brush Slave League Mad Painter-dwarf - including Kev's painted sample (painted by David "The Dozing Dragon" Wood) - and I got Kev's permission using it on here, as well:

And yes, I know it's not an official part of the range - but plans are being made for releasing an alternated version of this little gem :)

Saturday 7 September 2013

Sweyn by Mikkel Nyboe

And for my private collection, Mikkel Nyboe (@Gurer - the blog) did this wonderful Sweyn.

Sweyn, Ewal Dvergr Champion

Mikkel has commented the painting on his own blog - so if you want to read about - you should stop by.

Personally, I love it - colour scheme is "all me". Those that have seen my own works at the Clamshell-blog will now that I'm a sucker for Red and Green dwarfs - and I think, Mikkel managed to pick everything out in a nice balanced way on this beautiful sculpt by Sjoerd Trouwee.

Thanks, Mikkel :)

A couple of Dvergar by Mikkel Nyboe

Friend of the Ewal Dwergar, Mikkel Nyboe (@Gurer - the blog) has painted a few Ewal Dvergar for his personal collection - and they are certainly worth being shared:

Set #2 Ewal Dvergr Grenadier

Set #2 Core Warrior, Ewal Dvergr with a Two-handed Sword

These guys looks so good painted. Mikkel did such a fantastic job on both of them and really managed to pick out every little detail on these. Very well done, Mikkel - I'm so flattered :)

To see more beautiful painted miniatures - go visit Mikkel's blog

Wednesday 17 July 2013

First painted set #2 Dvergar

I have had the chance to paint a few of the new Dvergar from set #2.

Nothing spectacular of course, but it might help actually seeing what nice sculpts they are.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Assembled Core Warriors #2

In today's post I want to show you some assembled warriors from set #2.

I have finally had the time to actually play with my new dolls - and have assembled a few of them for you.

Here is some examples of how they might look:

Should you like to see more assembled ones go check out the Clam Miniatures Adventure @wikia.

Have also painted a few of them, but they are used as an entry in a painting challenge, so I'm not allowed sharing .... yet :)

And for those that might have seen the "low stock" message I'm happy to tell, that all items are in stock, yet again.

See ya'


Friday 14 June 2013

New stuff

And finally .... all the new items has arrived and are now sorted, packed and ready to ship :-)

So what do we have?

First, of course, the long awaited new set of multi part core warriors by John Pickford. This time we went for a set with great weapons/two-handed weapons/two hand weapons

Ewal Dvergar, Core Warriors - set #2

As you can see there are again 4x2 bodies - 8 bodies in total. 10 heads and 14 weapon options + a shield.

Oppose to set #1 this set doesn't allow you as much option to pick and choose as set #1 did - as some options are build for specific poses - but still lots of different builds:

  • 2x2 bodies are in a classic pole weapon position. 7 weapons are sculpted for this pose in mind - 5 spears/halberds, a pole axe and Scythe. 
  • Two identical bodies with a raised arm that allows you to build a warrior with a wooden hammer and one with a great sword, and last
  • another two identical bodies meant for the dual hand weapon - option. The options are 2 swords (right and left hand), 2 demonic hammers (right and left hand) and a right handed double bladed axe and a left hand shield. This body could also be used with any right hand pole weapons.

And then I'm really happy being able to give Sjoerd Trouwee's fantastic pieces a home. 

There are 2 and a half miniature out - a Champion called Sweyn and the Captain twins, Olaf & Oluf.

Sweyn, is a big feller accompanied by his faithful war dog, Tor. Sweyn is armed with a huge Scythe. 

Sweyn, Ewal Dvergr Champion

Sweyn, Side

Sweyn, back side

The twin-Captains are two identical miniatures - but one is armoured with a huge hammer and a shield, the other with a gun and a bomb in his hand - I present Olaf & Oluf:


Olaf - back side


Oluf back side

And last I'm pleased to announce that all previous miniatures are now available again - including the very popular Johann. Even me own rather weak try at sculpting "the Grenadiers" are back - including this new variant set:

Friday 24 May 2013

More Warriors painted

Still waiting for news from my caster. Moulds has been, I think - but casts haven't been done and shipped, yet. But no news, is good news - right? :)

But I can share these with you, while waiting :)

Core Warriors from set #1

More pictures to be found on the painting blog - here

Wednesday 15 May 2013

More paints from Mikkel Nyboe

While waiting for Griffin Moulds' finishing touch on all the new stuff ..... why not share more of Mikkel Nyboe's wonderful paintings?  :)

Ewal Dvergar Core Warriors set #1

That boy really makes me proud :)

Friday 12 April 2013

Core Warriors set #2 - Greens

Have been taken a bit longer than anticipated, but greens for next set of wariors are now done - and will soon get packed and sent to the UK for mastering and production moulding :)

Casters are busy now, due to Salute 2013 just round the cornor, so I don't expect to see my moulds done before May.

But while we wait, I'd like to share some of the new greens I've just received from Mr. John Pickford.

As announced earlier set #2 will be another Core Warrior set, but this time they will come with pole weapons/two-handed weapons/two hand weapons aka Great Weapons.

The set will come with 2x4 new bodies, 10 new heads, 7 pole weapons, 2 two-handed weapons and 2x2 hand weapons (2 for right and 2 for left hand).

Ewal Dvergar - set #2: Core warrior bodies (4)

ED5 - front

ED5 - back

ED6 - front

ED6 - back

ED7 - font

ED7 - back

ED8 - front

ED8 - back

The set will come with 10 different heads. 5 of them are completly new but the other five were sculpted and mastered last year.

Ewal Dvergar - set #2: Core warrior head options (10)

The different poses in set #2 won't allow you as much options for pick and choosing, but with all the new heads it should give you enough variety to field a big horde of dwarf madness.

Below you'll see some of the many options you will get in next set #2.

Ewal Dvergar - set #2: Pole weapons (7)

Pole weapons will go into body ED6 and ED7

Halberd 1

Halberd 2
Halberd 3

Two handed Axe


Spear 1
Spear 2

Ewal Dvergar - set #2: Two-handed Weapons (2)

For the ED5-body
Sword option


Ewal Dvergar - set #2: Two hand Weapons (2)

For the ED8-body

Dual swords

Dual demonic hammers

Have already showed you a few assembled ones, and with all those option I can't really show you all - but here is a few more - enjoy :)