This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Friday 25 April 2014

Master casts have arrived - soon going to "the next stage"

The master moulding of the Crossbowmen and Command miniatures are finally done. They will now need some cleaning and quality control and then they are sent back to UK for production moulding.

If all goes to plan,  most of the new toys will be ready for play, mid May-ish :-D

But before they all go back, I got a few pictures to share, so you all can see how nicely they turned out.

Ewal Dvergar with Crossbows

Body-blanks front
Body-blanks back

Assembled warriors with separate bows and Sallets 1-3

Assembled warriors with separate bows and Sallets 4-6

- and then the magnificent Command Group ..... :)

Ewal Dvergr Standard Bearer and Musician

Standard Bearer and Drummer

Standard Bearer and Drummer - back

As mentioned earlier, I have had alternative banners made. These will not only fit the new standard bearer but also some of the pole-armed posed Warrior's from Core set #1 and #2. Here , they are glue to the new standard bearer, though:

Alternative Banner #1 and #2
Alternative #1

Facial details

Alternative #2

Banner details - front

Banner details - back
All the above will now go back for production moulding - and will of course binge you an update when they get here.


  1. They are looking great, the command in particular is looking fantastic.

  2. I love your standard bearer , he is like the old GW miniatures EXELLENT !!! I'll buy it

    1. Glad you like them. If interested, just click the "how to get some" blue button in the upper right corner :-D


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