This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Friday 7 November 2014

Where were we?

Ahh! .... yes .... that's right! - so sorry for the lack of updates in here recently, but it's not that I've abandoned the project or anything.
It all come down to a few personal issues (like a back surgery in June 2014, and a planned re-try coming early next year plus a few other real life issues, concentrating around or highly sensitive son), a major laptop breakdown (a sewer hard drive failure and replacement) - but mostly due to the fact, that the sculpting and casting process are a bit more time consuming, that I've been used to. All due to a high demand for their great services, which is a good thing in general :)

But here is the State of the Nation, so to speak:

  1. The Puck's Dance Diorama piece is currently with the mould maker in the UK. Was shipped out 6-7 weeks ago, so I expect news anytime soon.
  2. The Ewal Painter will fill out the new "Puck's - mould" - so he will become available, when Puck is done, too.
  3. John will start the sculpting on the Ewal Warriors with Guns (roughly based on the crossbowmen - sculpt) very soon. Latest guesstimate for a stating date was around New Year 2014. This will be another 2x4 bodies, 8-10 heads set, like the two other core warrior sets. 
  4. John will also look into a minor conversion of the current Musician. It will be another "Drummer", but with different head gear and a slightly change pose (I think).
  5. 2015 will also see a small run of new evil dwarfs - the "Son's of Siegward". These dwarfs are perhaps even more cruel and evil than their Ewal brothers, as they have been blessed by the ancestor Gods and given demonic powers and mutations - so a small line of mutant dwarf characters to spice up my army. Rather excited about these. Sjoerd Trouwee is the guy behind these, and will give a preview very soon.

Ewal Dvergr Painter

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  1. Düd,
    Sorry to hear of you woes.
    Props to you for soldiering on. Admirable.
    I cannot get my lunch-hooks on that Ewal Painter soon enough!


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