This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

State of nation

A few of you have noticed that there's no "how can I get some" information on here anymore and rather a few of you have then jumped to direct messaging to find out more ...! I've been very happy for your interest and returning support 😍 but I have had to disappoint so many of you. For that I am very sorry. So sorry to have let you down - and not been able to help you expanding your armies😒
Situation here is, that besides a small surplus of some Ewal Dvergar characters, SoS's and Space Adventures, I've been without surplus in a very, very long time.

This has mainly been due to uncertainties and now the full effect of Brexit, but also Covid19 have had rather an effect on my little foray into miniatures making. Getting new castings made has proved very problematic, extremely slow and also become so much more expensive. My casting costs has raised like 20% (if not more) due to added national VAT, customs duties and new carrier fees etc. Continued UK production, private venturing and small order batches has proved really bad "business" - and as this is a hobby I can't go "all in", unfortunately.

And I've not only been looking at casting difficulties. Postage charges has gone trough the roof, last couple of years, as well. Most of my surplus has always been shipped abroad and the general price rise and Covid19 recommendation about using registered posting methods only have meant that its more than tripled my postage expenses.

So I've been thinking a lot about what to do and I came to the obvious conclusion: "on last order to fulfil my needs and call it done". And finally, this last order has now arrived here, in the cave. And now, I've got all the bits here needed to keep me occupied for another 10 years, 

I have achieved a lot of what I set out to do, those 10 years ago. I've created my own unique looking Chaos Dwarfs army. Yes, there was more I would have loved to add, but I'm really happy about what's been made (and also of what I've been able to make available to others). I have created something dear to my heart. Something out of my own imagination (and John's complex mind-set as well πŸ˜‚). I've created a range that has become a part of what I am and therefor something I could never part with. It's been so rewarding and fun. 

And a new door has opened

As I just said, the Ewal Dvergar are very dear to my heart. The initial set was a birthday present from my wife for my 40th, so selling of the range has never been an option for me. It left me with limited options.
First, I thought a lot about moving casting to continental Europe, but I've failed in finding a trustworthy caster able to re-use the existing moulds and who cast to the same high quality as Griffin Moulds JJP. My second option would have been finding a UK based "distributor", but it was never a real option either, as packaging is a nightmare due to my un-professional mould layout and many, many bits. So I've come to terms with my final decision. I'm done, been there and done that.... it's the end of my wonderful journey 😊

But then, a certain person planted an idea in my head, a little seed that's been growing post Brexit and during lock down. Its still just a little stem, but strong enough for me to tell you about it. The person is Jamie Loft, owner of the OS Miniatures Company and manufacturer of some stunning miniatures including a great complementary range of Chaos Dwarfs, also created by John Pickford.

Jamie came up with a proposal that could bring the Ewal Dvergar to a broader audience, still with the same high quality and gave me control of my little babies. So, I've agreed on the terms and have now made a partnership with the OS Miniatures Company (OSM). OSM will soon be taking over manufacturing, distribution and sale of all the John Pickford Ewal Dvergar in my range.

Though OSM also use Griffin Moulds JJP the transition will take some time, as new moulds are needed, for making the range suitable for professional production and sale. The miniatures and the unique-build-concept will stay the same, but OSM will lay them out as they see fit, and probably complement the different unit types with more alternatives.

I can't say anything about time frame for the transition. That's up to OSM to plan and decide. But I shall keep you all posted, of course.

However, one thing I'm certain about is that when it happens, OSM will give the Ewal Dvergar the love and the attention they deserve - and with this new deal I should be getting time and opportunity to expand the range further. Something I'll be looking much forward to.

For now, all the Sjoerd Trouwee pieces (like Sweyn, Olaf/Oluf and the Sons of Siegward) and other non-Ewal Dvergar miniatures will remain on here, as blog minis.

All the best

- C

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