This blog is about my private venture into having Mr. John (Poshgoblin) Pickford doing me a small range of 28mm dwarf miniatures that will fulfill my personal need for more dark, sinister and vicious dwarfs.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Is that a PONY ..?

... some might ask!

And a rather delicate matter it is, too :)

For some time, John and I have been discussing what approach to take, should we decide doing some cavalry for the Dvergar range. During these discussions we have even been talking about doing some centaur type creatures.

I come from a time where dwarves where riding Bears or where Boar mutations. And, my original vision for centaur types for the Ewal Dvergar have been more alien/bug liked creatures, as I have never really fancied the cow-type centaurs, some have made for their evil stunties - and have been even less thrilled by peoples pony-centaur builds. So when John presented me this idea, I wasn't "sold" .... (to say the least) ... but was I proven wrong ... ? So very wrong .... cause, look at this:

The Centaur is done from a White Knight Pony base and a Ewal Dvergr torso. John has then added armour and build two brilliant head-options picturing the two things I would probably dis-like the most - but this here is done with so much humour and love that I feel for it, instantly.

I'm undecided about it's faith, though. I have the permission from White Knight to have it cast, but question is - should I go for having a hole united made? - or shall it be a stand alone piece? I'm not sure! I'm leaning towards, doing a small unit - but can we keep this great feel? Can we come up with new ideas, without repeating ourselves? Can we continue this humoristic vibe this guy has? Guess, only time can tell what will happen.


  1. That is a great sculpt, but personally I feel like the best way to to ewal dvergish cavalry would be to include a little bit of everything. Dwarfs riding on bears, boars, ponies, lizards, ostrichs; dwarfs mutated with cows, horses, crabs, elephants & bugs. I think John's style is quite strong enough to keep them unified even when their actual forms are quite different.

    Just my two scents :D

  2. Very interesting! I must say I'm not sully convinced by the first helmet...his snout appears a bit too long or something to my eye. The second on is Pure genius! I'd like to see ones with your regular Dvergar heads as well....:)

  3. I agree with the above. #2 is fantastic!
    If you do a small unit - and I think you should - please(!!!) consider doing some arms with no weapons as well. One of the biggest obstacles for Blood Bowl playing old skool miniature lovers is - and has always been - to find decent bull centaur miniatures to go with the original 2nd ed. chaos dwarf team. These would be absolutely spot on!
    Really hoping to see these cast and available for purchase! :)

  4. You should take a look at my Chaos Ratling-Pony Centaur. It was his vile recipes that led my once-noble Squats to the clutches of Chaos.

  5. I also agree with Mattias Darrow, a Carnival of Chaos for the Cavalry!

    I have been busily constructing myself a 40K-converted Chaos Dwarf mounted on one of the old Wood Elf Bears, an old Citadel AD&D Rust Monster conversion riding an old Space Marines Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle, and squad of Bob Olley's female Scrunt vehicle-driver torsos mounted on Heresy Miniatures Giant Ticks.

    And then, well, I got this creature in a lot on eBay with no head, but it looks rather bovine...except that it has a long winding tail that ends in one of those oval fan patterns that may be familiar to AD&D players as that of a Displacer Beast. So: Displacer Cow!


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